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Are you an avid fan of Stark Trek? Along with our Canadian coin collection, Meridian Coins in Meridian, Idaho, has iconic commemorative coins from the popular science-fiction series, Star Trek. One of our most iconic pieces is the 2015 Star Trek Next Generation USS Enterprise Silver Proof Early Releases NGC PF70.We also carry the 2015 Tuvalu Star Trek USS Enterprise Next Generation NCC-1701-D, a unique and valuable add to any collection.  All of our coins are available in their original government packaging (OGP) to ensure premium and lasting value. 

2015 Tuvalu Coin Product Description

Add a piece of pop culture history to your collection with the 2015 Tuvalu Star Trek USS Enterprise Next Generation NCC-1701-D. This commemorative coin is a colorized Early Releases (graded within first 30 days of issue) that will make the perfect addition to your growing sci-fi coin collection. Get yours today before they're gone for good.

Ultra Cameo Product Description

The NGC graded the Ultra Cameo coin as "Perfect PF70" and it was graded within the first thirty days of issue, so you can be sure the coin is a valuable piece. It comes complete with original packaging. You can't afford to miss the opportunity to finish off your collection with this rare coin!

Star Trek Coin

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